Huge "Rummage Sale"

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Huge "Rummage Sale"

Postby Best Fish on Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:57 am

We are offering discounts ranging from 30% up to 70% on assorted aquariums, filters, foods, lighting, pumps and anything else we can think of. These items will be a combination of over-stocks, discontinued items, damaged packaging and many other new items. Vectras, MP 60's, BRS supplements (1/2 off), Return Pumps, Lighting...and on and on......

This is our first time trying this out, all I know for sure is the pricing will be worth the trip. This is Mark’s idea, guess he wants to see if he can give even better deals than Judy and I normally do. :D Well I like to compete, so we will sweeten his deal…. if you pay cash during this sale and save us those pesky credit card fees, we will take off another 5%!

And……just to peek your interest a little more, we will discount our livestock Sunday thru Wednesday as well. Lets do 20% off of all freshwater fish, freshwater plants, saltwater fish, inverts, corals and even off “Lakeside Reef” corals!! (Ok Mark, your move…. !!)

Hardgood sale items will be in our front showroom where I will be working those days. If there is something not on sale, it doesn’t hurt to ask me to see if I can do better on pricing.

Sale runs during our normal business hours starting on Sunday (Noon to 5), and continues on Monday and Tuesday (10-6pm). We will also be open on Wednesday the 4th from 10am to 2pm, and Mark just said he will extend the same sale during those July 4th hours as well!! He is claiming victory on our competition to see who gave the best deals this weekend. Well its not over yet Mr Mark!!! Just remember buddy, I will be running the register. I don’t like to lose, so that means all of you will win!
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